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Office of the Director
1. CEOSE 2002 Biennial Report to Congress
Available Formats:  PDF of Document number ceose2002rpt
Document Number: ceose2002rpt 
Document History: Posted:  June 2, 2003. 
2. Freedom of Information Act Report for October 1, 1998 through September 30, 1999
Available Formats:  DOC of Document number ogc0001 | HTML of Document number ogc0001 | PDF of Document number ogc0001 | TXT of Document number ogc0001 | XML of Document number ogc0001
Document Number: ogc0001 
Document History: Posted:  February 2, 2000. 
3. FY 1999 POWRE Activities Report
Available Formats:  HTML of Document number nsf0024
Document Number: nsf0024 
Document History: Posted:  December 1, 1999. 
4. FY 2001 GPRA Performance Report
Available Formats:  DOC of Document number nsf02105 | HTML of Document number nsf02105 | PDF of Document number nsf02105
Document Number: nsf02105 
Document History: Posted:  April 1, 2002. 
5. National Science Foundation Annual Report 1991
Available Formats:  PS of Document number nsf921 | TXT of Document number nsf921
Document Number: nsf921 
Document History: Posted:  October 5, 1992. 
7. NSF Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Report: October 1, 2001 through September 30, 2002
Available Formats:  DOC of Document number ogc0301 | HTML of Document number ogc0301 | XML of Document number ogc0301
Document Number: ogc0301 
Document History: Posted:  February 3, 2003. 
8. Report of Blue-Ribbon Advisory Panel on Cyberinfrastructure
Available Formats:  HTML of Document number cise051203
Document Number: cise051203 
Document History: Posted:  December 9, 2004. 
9. Report of the National Performance Review
Available Formats:  TXT of Document number npr93a
Document Number: npr93a 
Document History: Posted:  September 13, 1993. 

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