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What Should I Submit?

Aerial photo of the Parker River and Plum Island Sound, Ma

Interdisciplinary research has been conducted in the Plum Island Sound estuary since the late 1980s with support from NSF's Division of Environmental Biology. Research greatly expanded in 1992 with support from the NSF Land Margin Ecosystems Research (LMER) program.

Credit: USGS National Aerial Photography

If there is an existing program where your idea is appropriate, you can prepare a proposal for submission to the program in accordance with the Program Description or Program Solicitation. However, in cases where there is not an identified program, you should contact an NSF Program Officer (as indicated in "Whom Does One Contact"). An effective approach is to develop a one-to-two paragraph description that can be sent by email. NSF staff can then discuss the document among themselves to decide how best to advise you in proceeding.