Sub-committee on Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships (S-TIP)

Committee Members

Chair: Darío Gil

Roger Beachy
Suresh Garimella
Heather Wilson

NSBO Staff: Elise Lipkowitz
Kathy Jacquart



The Sub-committee on Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships (S-TIP) is a component of the Committee on Strategy established to:

  • Consult with the Director on strategies to ensure the success of NSF’s new technology, innovation, and partnerships (TIP) directorate; and
  • Identify, for NSB discussion, governance matters and engagement opportunities related to the TIP directorate and potential related expansions to NSF’s budget and mission.

In fulfilling this charge, S-TIP will help address the Board’s responsibilities to:

  • Consult with the Director on the “formulation of programs,”1
  • Consult with the Director on NSF’s organizational structure.2

S-TIP is expected to:

  • Engage in strategic and generative discussions with the NSF Director, the TIP Assistant Director, and other relevant NSF staff and report back to the Committee/full Board on topics, including, but not limited to, the following:
    • NSF’s near- and long-term goals for the new TIP directorate, strategies and programs to meet these goals, and plans to measure progress and impact;
    • NSF’s budgetary strategy and planning for TIP;
    • NSF’s plans for integrating TIP and established NSF and creating feedback loops between discovery research and use-inspired research/technology;
    • NSF’s plans for grant-making in the TIP directorate including the implementation of merit review and expanded use of existing award flexibilities; and
    • NSF’s plans to support new economic growth, workforce development, and foster cross-sector partnerships
  • Engage with other Board Committees on how the NSB’s governance role might change in light of TIP;
  • Recommend topics for discussion/decision by the Committee on Strategy and full Board;
  • Recommend topics for discussion by the Committee on External Engagement and full Board; and
  • Maintain awareness of relevant Administration and Congressional directives, including expectations of NSF and NSB.

142 USC 16 §1864 (d)
242 USC 16 §1866