Executive Committee (EC)

Committee Members

Chair: Sethuraman Panchanathan

Dan Reed, NSB Chair
Victor McCrary, NSB Vice Chair Steven Leath
Wanda E. Ward

Executive Secretary: Nirmala “Nimmi” Kannankutty
NSBO Staff: John Veysey
Andrea Rambow



By law, the Board is required to have an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee consists of the NSF Director, who chairs the Committee, and four other elected members from the Board. By tradition, the NSB Chairman and Vice Chairman serve as two of the elected EC members. Also by tradition, the Chairs of the Board's four standing committees are invited regularly to meet with the Executive Committee. Other Board members may attend, especially when an agenda item relates to a topic for which they have responsibility.

The Executive Committee fulfills the following statutory functions:

  1. "... exercise such powers and functions as may be delegated to it by the Board."
  2. " render an annual report to the Board, and such other reports as it may deem necessary, summarizing its activities and making such recommendations as it may deem appropriate. Minority views and recommendations, if any, of members of the Executive Committee shall be included in such reports."

It acts on behalf of the Board between meetings on grants, contracts, or other arrangements; and other instances where an immediate decision is required. All such actions are reported to the Board at its next meeting.