NSB Logo and Usage Guidelines

The NSB logo complements the look and feel of the NSF logo, conveying that the two belong together. It aligns with NSF’s guidelines to avoid branding confusion by not altering the NSF logo and through its own distinct look. The NSB logo is available as a standalone or cobranded with the NSF logo. Both options in different variations and file formats are provided below.

Permissions: No explicit permission is necessary to use the National Science Board (NSB) logo or the National Science Foundation (NSF) logo combination.

NSB's logo may be used for purposes such as to link to an NSB webpage or to acknowledge NSB/NSF assistance or affiliation.


Branding Guidelines

Cobranded NSB logo: This version should be used for joint NSF/NSB initiatives such as the Science and Engineering Indicators report or the NSF Awards dinner, and may include podium signage, programs, press releases, websites, social media, and presentations slides.

NSB standalone logo: This version should be used when the NSB acts in its advisory capacity to Congress or to the President. An example of a product that is specific to NSB that requires use of the standalone NSB logo is a Board Statement.


Prohibited Logo Uses

NSB's cobranded and standalone logos may not be used in a manner that falsely implies employment by or affiliation with NSF. Additionally, the logos may not be used to imply or endorse a product or service.

Questions regarding use of the NSB logo should be sent to: Elizabeth Jeffers, ejeffers@nsf.gov.

Logo Variations and Formats

The NSF Standalone Logo and Usage Guidelines

The NSF Logo and Visual Identity Guidelines provides information on what you may and may not do with the NSF logo. NSF’s logos are available for download here: https://www.nsf.gov/policies/logos.jsp

NSF Headquarters image

2415 Eisenhower Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22314

The following image of the NSF building may be reused without explicit permission:


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