Merit Review Reexamination Commission Resources

The NSB-NSF Commission on Merit Review was established at the December 1-2, 2022 National Science Board meeting to assess the efficacy of the current Merit Review policy and associated criteria and processes for supporting NSF’s mission to create new knowledge, fully empower diverse talent to participate in STEM, and benefit society by translating knowledge into solutions.

The Commission is widely soliciting input from research and stakeholder communities and may solicit special studies as appropriate.

The Commission presented its work plan to the Board at its February 2023 meeting and expects to deliver a report with preliminary recommendations at the May 2024 Board meeting and final recommendations at the December 2024 Board meeting. This reexamination may lead to NSB recommendations regarding the current policy, process, and reporting mechanisms.

For more information on the Commission and its members, you can visit this site. We invite you to explore resources related to the Commission's endeavor and send feedback and ideas to


Submit Feedback

The Commission welcomes feedback and invites you to reach out by emailing There will be additional opportunities to engage through the open, livestreamed meetings that are streamed and hosted on the National Science Board's YouTube page: as well as upcoming listening sessions, which will be posted here when available.


The Commission plans to share a preliminary set of recommendations for public comment in May 2024 and a final report with recommendations to strengthen NSF’s merit review policy in December 2024.