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About GEO

The VISION of the Directorate for Geosciences is to support groundbreaking discoveries of the products and processes of the earth, ocean, and atmosphere systems from the past to the present and into the future for the benefit of citizens, decision-makers, educators, and scientists.

The MISSION of the Directorate for Geosciences is to fund the development of knowledge and technological innovations to (1) understand and adapt to the changes in our earth, ocean, and atmosphere, (2) accelerate the societal benefits of our investments, and (3) train a diverse and inclusive geosciences workforce.

The Directorate for Geosciences VALUES

  • Scientific Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Excellence
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Public Service

 The Directorate for Geosciences achieves its mission and vision through the following STRATEGIES –

  • Supporting science that pushes the boundaries of our knowledge of the planet – from molecules to global dynamics, from the core to the surface, the deep to coastal oceans, and the atmosphere to the sun, and from pole to pole.
  • Supporting the organizations that manage and operate world-class facilities (e.g., ships, aircraft, supercomputers), as well as supporting near- and deep-field research sites.
  • Supporting global, regional, and local tools for observing the planet, and the models and modeling techniques that use these observations.
  • Developing tools to better understand and predict climate change and natural hazards to prepare, mitigate, and adapt to disruptive natural and human-induced events.
  • Fostering advancements in cyberinfrastructure to accelerate scientific breakthroughs and expand access.
  • Identifying and working to eliminate barriers to diversity and inclusion in the geosciences. 
  • Educating and training the diverse geoscience workforce of tomorrow.

Carousel Photo Credits:

Antarctic Landscape. Image Credit: NSF
Ocean Coral.  Image Credit: Hollie Putnam, University of Hawaii
Lightning.  Image Credit: Jacob DeFlitch, Meteorologist
Volcano Eruption.  Image Credit: ©Tom Pfeiffer (