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These tools and resources—providing information about the impact of NSF's investments in science and engineering research and education—are available for viewing online and downloading.

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Fact Sheets

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American Rescue Plan Funding Updates

Updated September 8, 2021 | Download (PDF 267KB)
Updated August 9, 2021 | Download (PDF 273KB)

COVID-19 Response Funding Updates

View updates

The Federal Budgeting and Appropriations Process

Infographics showing the Federal budgeting and appropriations process, divided in three segments.

Download chart 1 (PDF, 1.0MB)
Download image chart (PDF, 1.0MB)

Text version (Accessible)

Major Multi User Facilities Enabling Basic Research

To sustain the nation's scientific enterprise, NSF supports a wide array of research infrastructure throughout the country and around the world, from polar research stations and telescopes to research vessels, ocean instruments and long-term ecological research sites.

Download brochure (PDF, 10,435KB)
Download poster (PDF, 4,219KB)

10 Big Ideas for Future NSF Investments

As we look ahead to the coming decades, we must envision bold questions that will drive NSF's long-term research agenda -- questions that will ensure future generations continue to reap the benefits of fundamental science and engineering research. This is the reason behind these 10 "big ideas." Special Report

NSF's Big Ideas

NSF Logo and Visual Identity Guidelines: Standards, Information and Usage

This document provides information on what you may and may not do with the NSF logo.

Download (PDF, 6.5Mb)

Questions regarding use of the NSF logo should be sent to

NSF Logo and Visual Identity Guidelines: Standards, Information and Usage

Brought to you by NSF

Every day you encounter something made possible by the National Science Foundation. Special Report

Brought to you by NSF

Transforming the World Through Science (2nd Edition)
This is the fiscal year 2019 version of “Transforming the World Through Science (2nd Edition).”

Download (PDF, 10MB)
Download the FY 2018 edition (PDF, 4.6MB)

NSF Organizational Chart

Download (PDF, 167KB)

NSF Organizational Chart


Videos about NSF for your use

To download, click the play button on your selected video. When controls appear at the bottom of the video window, click on the downward arrow.

NSF's 10 Big Ideas

Ten research and process "big ideas" that are driving important aspects of NSF's long-term research agenda, pushing forward the frontiers of U.S. science and engineering research, and leading to new discoveries and innovations. Runtime: 4:00. View online or download video

A view of the earth in space

Who is NSF?

A brief, inspiring video about NSF, designed for use in presentations, events and more. Runtime: 1:45. View online or download video

NSF everywhere

NSF: Everywhere in your world

A fast-paced look at the impact of NSF-funded research in our daily lives. Runtime: 1:29. View online or download video

NSF everywhere

How NSF helps make and keep America a global leader

A look at how NSF's support of early stage, basic research helps enable discoveries and innovations that keep America a global leader.Runtime: 2:30. View online or download video

three researchers and words earty stage and basic research

How NSF helps drive our nation's economy

A look at how NSF investments in basic research and people are critical to maintaining the scientific and technological edge that drives U.S. economic growth. Runtime: 3:12. View online or download video

hand writing on dry erase board

The Importance of NSF Funding

Past and present NSF grantees attest to the importance of NSF support to their research and to innovation. Runtime: 1:18. View online or download video

Interviewee in NSF funding video

Why NSF is vital to our nation's defense

William McRaven, University of Texas System Chancellor and a retired four-star Navy admiral, describes NSF's critical importance to the Department of Defense and our nation's security. McRaven is former commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command and is considered one of the country's top foreign policy experts. Runtime: 0:55. View online or download video

William McRaven

Creating Knowledge to Transform Our Future

A brief look at how NSF-supported fundamental research helps drive our nation's economy, enhance our security, advance our knowledge to sustain global leadership, and transform our future. Runtime: 1:27. View online or download video

Extended version with additional information about the agency's mission, budget and merit review process. Runtime: 2:25. View online or download video

Creating Knowledge to Transform Our Future

The value of social, behavioral and economic sciences

How NSF's SBE directorate supports a wide range of research in the social, behavioral and economic sciences. This research helps improve our nation's security, bolster our economy, and maintain our global leadership. Runtime: 2:51. View online or download video

many people standing in a square

Foundation for Innovation

How NSF support for fundamental research is critical to discovery, innovation and economic growth. Runtime: 4:17. View online or download video

Foundation for Innovation: images of astronomy facilities

Opener, closer or bookend videos

For use in presentations or speeches, bringing emphasis to key NSF messages.

Knowledge, Security, the Economy   Full length (00:20)   |   Abbreviated (00:11)

Transform   With voice (00:11)   |   Music only (00:08)

NSF logo with the word Transform

NSF INCLUDES: Empowering diversity in STEM

NSF is working to increase female and minority representation in STEM education and careers. NSF INCLUDES supports programs, networks and partnerships that empower women and minority students to pursue STEM education and careers, while broadening access to a greater range of opportunities. Runtime: 4:23. View or download video

montage of 4 images of people engaged in science

More Distance, Less Fuel

One example of how NSF funding holds the promise of significant economic impact and knowledge to sustain global leadership. Runtime: 1:22. View online or download video

More Distance, Less Fuel: New technology promises lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles

NSF's Merit Review Process

How NSF determines which research has the greatest potential and would be the most impactful investment of taxpayer dollars. Runtime: 6:16. View online or download video

NSF's Merit Review Process

NSF Proposal Review Panels

What really happens in a proposal review panel? Audiences will get a good sense from this mock review session as panelists discuss the strengths and weaknesses of a CAREER Award proposal. Runtime: 6:16. View online or download video

Review panel meeting

Social Science: Essential when the storm strikes

How NSF-funded research in the social, behavioral and economic sciences improves hurricane risk communication, evacuation and recovery processes. Runtime: 1:17. View online or download video



NSF's Budget Internet Information System allows you to view the number of NSF awards made to your state, for any given fiscal year. You can also see the number of awards, and the individual award abstracts, for specific institutions in your state.

NSF "State Fact Sheets" provide information on NSF-funded discoveries, STEM workforce development, student support, research facilities, and science and engineering employment data by state. Click on the individual State Fact Sheets to learn about how NSF supports discoveries and discoverers in your state.


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NSF Responses to Congressional Wastebooks